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Text to Speech Conversion is Easy and Fun

Natural voices text to speech is made easy by Mergemill Pro, a text to speech converter

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Text-to-speech (TTS) has wide applications, ranging from reading out aloud web pages, emails, and user specified texts to adding talking avatars to websites. Some software are also used to convert long texts for podcasts and educational contents for enhanced learning. Like many of these tools, Mergemill Pro uses the speech synthesizer in the OS to convert text to speech.

Synthesized speech has greatly improved since Windows Vista and Mac OS X Snow Leopard, including realistic-sounding breaths between sentences on the latter. It is time to include voice in your Mergemill Pro output options in many applications. Sky is the limit to what you may do. Begin with turning your emails to voice. Let Mergemill Pro read out web pages or any content you put together. You could also set up an automated voice announcement system that reads some generated text at scheduled times.

The unique advantages Mergemill Pro has over other text-to-speech converters are automation and customization. You may use it to pull texts from diverse locations, then process and integrate them into a customized piece of text to be converted into speech, all automatically. You may also choose to have the output text spoken as soon as it is generated or at a scheduled time you specified.

To learn more about text to speech conversion with Mergemill Pro, check out our Video Tutorial on Converting Text to Speech.


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