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To migrate FileMaker Pro data to other data store, one of the issues you will likely face is to handle repeating fields. With Mergemill Pro, the best way to do that is to first add a calculation field to the FMPro database to lump all the repeating field values into one with a certain separator in between, as shown below. The calculation field does not need to be added to any layout unless you want to briefly check to see if it works as expected.

FileMaker Pro repeating field migration

Next you set up a merge job to read data from the FMPro database, including the lump field but not the repeating field. Then in Mergemill Pro’s Filter Fetch settings for the lump field, use the Split Separator ("<XX>" in this case) to split the values up. Make sure you select the "Fill values down to empty cells in added rows" option for all other fields that read from the same FMPro database as their datafeed.

If the repeating values in the FMPro database are numbers rather than text, the calculation formula would be different. An example, with <!29> as the split separator, would be:

Lump_NumRepeat = GetAsText(Num_Repeat[1]) & Char(29) & GetAsText(Num_Repeat[2]) & Char(29) & GetAsText(Num_Repeat[3]) & Char(29) & GetAsText(Num_Repeat[4]) & Char(29) & GetAsText(Num_Repeat[5]) & Char(29) & GetAsText(Num_Repeat[6]) & Char(29) & GetAsText(Num_Repeat[7]) & Char(29) & GetAsText(Num_Repeat[8]) & Char(29) & GetAsText(Num_Repeat[9]) & Char(29) & GetAsText(Num_Repeat[10])


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