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If you want to obtain data from sources other than web pages or local text files, you need to first set up all the necessary connections on the Connections page in the Mergemill Pro main window.

Mergemill Pro connection settings

To connect to an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant data source, you need to install an appropriate ODBC driver, and set up a User Data Source Name (DSN). You also need to start up the data source before testing or using your connection settings.

What is ODBC?

ODBC is a common application programming interface (API) that enables the transfer of data between compliant applications. In our case, one end of the data link is Mergemill Pro, and the other is typically a database management system (DBMS). Mergemill Pro already includes an ODBC component. So in a connection definition you only need to specify the DSN to connect to and, if necessary, the User ID and Password to access the data source at the other end.

To connect to a DBMS, you need to do some of these:

The DSN stores all the connection information for the target data source. The SQL commands you use to access data are actually interpreted by the driver specified in your DSN configuration.

ODBC Driver and DSN

Most ODBC applications do not automatically install the ODBC drivers. You may need to custom install them or obtain them from Microsoft's or a third-party provider's web site. To see the list of installed drivers, click the Drivers tab in the ODBC administrator window.

The setup of a DSN is unique for each ODBC driver and data source you want to access. Some software applications, like FileMaker Pro, provide a wizard to guide you through the setup process. Consult your host application software manual for more information on how to install the ODBC driver and create a DSN.

Testing is essential with ODBC data access, because there are likely to be issues with each data source. Below are some of the important things to note:

Email Servers

When you specify connection settings for email servers, you need to do it separately for email-in servers to read emails, and for email-out servers to send emails. All email features in Mergemill Pro are available to standard POP3 and SMTP accounts.


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