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Mergemill Pro is a Fast Static Website Generator

Static HTML pages can be generated easily from text files or databases with Mergemill Pro

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Static websites have clear benefits:

Some may think that static websites are good if you have only a few web pages to manage. Maintaining a website manually does require a lot of work, and site content can therefore get stagnant easily. But this does not have to be the rule. The answer lies in automation. You may generate static web pages with a static website generator like Mergemill Pro, and may integrate them in a site with database-driven dynamic web pages.

Mergemill Pro can quickly generates static web pages that do not need to present content dynamically. Here are the simple essential steps:

  1. Use Adobe Dreamweaver to create sample output files. They will be the starting point of your templates.
  2. Work through each template to insert Mergemill field tags, which serve as placeholders for the content to be provided by the data feeds. Insert other tags as well where necessary for special contents and actions.
  3. Add a job definition in Mergemill Pro. Specify an associated template and push a button to parse it. For each new field found in the template, Mergemill Pro automatically adds a task to the job. You then specify the data feed and data column to be fetched for each field in its task settings, or specify that the values are to be dynamically generated.
  4. Test run the job. Mergemill Pro copies all static content in your template to the output, and replaces each field tag with the appropriate data value from its specified source to generate the full output. You may easily specify in your job definition the options to upload all or just the changed output files to your webserver via FTP.

The workflow to generate web pages is similar to those generating other files, such as RSS documents. If your website is frequently updated, it could be important to provide RSS feeds on your site. You may use them to list company and product news, upcoming events and important days, or new contents added to your site.

To learn more about static website generation, check out these pages: Video Tutorial on Generating Static Websites and Static Website Generation Case Study.


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