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Automatic Mass Email Sender Software Saves Effort and Boosts Productivity

Easily send automated, custom mail merge email to your opt-in list, customers and friends

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Personalizing your mailings has long been a simple yet effective way of getting your recipients' attention. Even though people are mostly aware that they are receiving personalized mass mailings, their interest in your offer that led them to opt in has given you the trust you need. Sending them a personalized email shows respect and thought, if nothing more. Because of its popularity, mail merge or personalized emails is a common feature in many software. To use it well you need to ensure several things:

So, delight your friends and customers by personalizing your emails. With Mergemill Pro, you can do far better and far more than simply filling in their names. Use Mergemill's IF and CASE branching tags, for instance, to insert appropriate alternate text in case a merge data to be inserted is empty. Or, using the same branching tags, you may also intelligently and flexibly customize your email messages based on recipient data.

With Mergemill Pro, your email message may contain much more than the static text content in your template and the recipient data. You can easily draw information from other emails, text files, and the Web, and integrate them into your customized message dynamically. You can even automate the entire process to generate customized and personalized emails or e-news, and send them out in bulk at scheduled times.

You may learn about the relevant tags here: Tags Guide > Sections > Email


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