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Database Migrations Made Easy by Mergemill Pro

Restore your freedom of choice on the SQL DBMS to use with this flexible database migration tool

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A good database migration tool restores your freedom of choice on the database management system (DBMS) most suitable for each of your purposes. When you need to move data between them, use Mergemill Pro to connect to these databases via ODBC and migrate the data easily.

As a database migration software, Mergemill Pro can directly read data from and write data to ODBC-compliant SQL data sources via appropriate drivers. What makes Mergemill Pro much more useful than other tools is its powerful data processing features. A good application is to read data from and write them back to the same DBMS, and manipulate the data in transit to perform a roundtrip processing of the data to improve their quality.

Why use a database when you can so easily store contents in spreadsheets and plain files? You will soon discover that, by managing data in a database from day one, you reduce a lot of data quality headaches down the road, and reap plenty of benefits in the ease of extracting valuable information from a database. When the time comes to repurpose your data to meet a new business goal, a DB migration and data processing tool like Mergemill Pro helps tremendously.

Mergemill Pro lets you more easily enjoy the benefits of using databases to maintain your valuable data:


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